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Flowers Unlimited Brighton


Keep up to date with all of the latest news and events at Flowers Unlimited, you can also connect with us on Social Media sites using the links under our logo at the top of the page.

BAHBA's 2017

We had the privilege of supplying the table centres for this year's Brighton & Hove Business Awards - held at Stanmer House on Thursday 14th September.

The event organisers were looking for a tropical theme using lots of foliage and we created some simple, all foliage tall vase arrangements using palm leaves, monstera leaves, and grasses. 

To read more about the event and to find out the winners names click here



Spring Cleaning and Spring Flowers

All of us at Flowers Unlimited hope that you have had a great Easter Bank Holiday weekend and that you were unaffected by Storm Katie. Now she’s blown over it looks like normal Spring weather might not be too far away.

This is the time of year when traditionally most people feel the need to have a bit of a Spring clean to clear out the Winter cobwebs and prepare for Summer. It can be expensive to buy all the cleaning materials so click here to see these great tips we found for making your own using things most people already have in their kitchen cupboards.

Perhaps when you’ve finished the big clean you could spend the pennies you’ve saved on some flowers to brighten the place up!

We have a fantastic selection of Spring bouquets on the website at the moment and if you can’t find something to suit please do give us a call on 01273 736949 and one of our trained florists will be happy to help.

Spring Elegance from £39.95

Mum we love you!

Yes it's that time of year again - Mother's Day is nearly here

We have just had an amazingly busy Valentines Day in both our Hove and Southampton stores and now we are heading rapidly towards Mothers Day, Sunday 6th March, followed closely by International Women's Day on Tuesday 8th March. 

We all love roses but our florists are getting really excited about Spring flowers which are traditionally really popular gifts for Mothers Day. The shops will fill with the heady scent of freesias, hyacinths, tete a tete, paperwhites, tulips and everyone's favourite: daffodils. 

Hot for Spring from £44.95

Five ways to show your Mum you care this Mothers Day

1. A phone call. Tell her you love her!

2. A card. Not one of those email cards but one you have gone out and selected with a bit of thought. A handmade one would be even better. 

3. A visit. Go on, go and see your mum and give her a big old hug!

4. A meal. Cook a special meal for her, or if your skills are lacking in the kitchen department take her out for lunch. Think of how many meals she has cooked for you. 

5. A bouquet (finally!). Send her some beautiful flowers. Real flowers. Not the scentless, unimaginative bunches you find in the supermarket or local garage but a really decent bouquet from a good florist. They can make a bouquet to include your mum's favourite flowers and colours. A good florist will also be able to offer you expert advice and guidance if you need it. Also most florists can deliver chocolates or champagne with your bouquet, something that most mothers would be delighted to receive. 

However you choose to thank your mum this Mothers Day she will be thrilled that you showed her you care and that you appreciate everything she has done for you because after all, no one loves you like she does. 

Full-Time Florist for Southampton

Flowers Unlimited are expanding! We’ve recently purchased The Floral Shop in Shirley Road, Southampton and are looking to return it to its former glory. It was the first ever Teleflorist (now eFlorist) shop in the world, and has a long-standing tradition of supplying fantastic flowers and services to the local community.


So we are looking for someone to join our team.  Obviously you'll need to be a great florist – that goes without saying. You’ll need a 'customer-first' attitude and be looking to constantly WOW in everything you do. You’ll also need good telephone manners, people-skills, and be comfortable using computers. On top of everything, you'll have to be willing to embrace and drive change. Of course we’ll ensure that you're rewarded appropriately!


We also have a unique customer service process that we follow which ensures that you’ll receive great feedback from our customers. So any good words will come straight back to you! We’ve got some really exciting plans and marketing ideas that have helped Flowers Unlimited grow to be one of the busiest and most recommended florists in the south.


The new website is already live and taking orders. Check it out at www.onlinefloralshop.co.uk 


Interested? Then email david.costa@flowersunlimitedbrighton.co.uk and tell us why you'd be great for this role or call david on 07940 566054. Don't hang around as we are looking to recruit as soon as possible. We look forward to reading your applications! Good luck!

Delivery chaos!

Euro Tunnel DelaysIt's been a testing couple of weeks for us. The strikes and the migrants at Calais have been causing chaos with the British Flower market. Euro Tunnel closed, ferries full, thank goodness we work with a Dutch wholesaler who has been ready to work extra long hours to ensure that we receive our flowers. We've spoken to lots of shops around the UK who simply have run out of flowers and cannot supply - not the same with us. We've not had a single day where we haven't been able to provide exactly what the customer has requested.

In addition to our normal Dutch supplier, we've been buying lots of beautiful British Summer flowers like stocks, peonies, delphinium, and sunflowers to keep everyone happy. And with the mainly hot Summer weather here now, how about sending something to brighten someone's day even further? 

Stop The Press - It's A Girl!

Kate with flowersWe're all thrilled to have learnt of the safe arrival of a new Princess. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has given birth to a baby girl, Kensington Palace has confirmed. The baby was born at 8.34am, weighing 8lbs 3oz. The new Royal is fourth in line to the throne, knocking Uncle Harry down to fifth.


An occasion such as this is one of the favourite times for sending flowers to wish the family well. We're sure that Kate will be receiving many, many bouquets from parents, siblings, friends, and well-wishers alike.


We'd be thinking about something in pastel pinks, creams and whites including vintage roses, white lilac, fragrant freesia, silver foliages, and not forgetting a touch of Lily Of The Valley, which featured in Kate's wedding bouquet.


We're not sure if Kate and William will be receiving any of these, but we often send champagne, balloons, teddy bears, and chocolates in addition to a stunning bouquet.


We should just add as a slight note of caution, many public hospitals will no longer accept flowers for patients. We can always check this for you and offer an alternative, or we can deliver the flowers when the new baby and mother return home.


Congratulations to Kate, William, George, and the new baby Princess from all at Flowers Unlimited! 

Flower And Plant Care!

This week, we thought we'd give you some flower and plant care tips. Flowers and plants require a degree of care to keep them alive for longer. If you follow these practices you'll be able to improve their vase life.  Each type can have individual requirements but we would generally recommend the following:

When flowers are delivered in a bouquet wrapped in cellophane in or out of water:

  • Bouquets will normally be delivered in water so over the sink remove packaging and trim the stems.
  • At an angle cut approximately 1cm from the end. This will help the flowers draw up the water.
  • Fill a vase 3/4 full with fresh tap water and add the flower food. 
  • Flower food will prolong the life of your flowers so add this following the guidelines on the sachet.
  • Remove any foliage beneath the water line. If you leave it on, it will cause bacteria to grow.
  • Display your vase of flowers in a cool place away from drafts, direct sunlight and heat. You can refresh your flowers after 2-3 days re-cutting the stems, removing drooping flowers or  foliage and replacing the water.

When your flowers are already arranged in container:

  • You may need to add fresh water to your flowers. If so, do this over a sink or drainer.
  • When placing the flower container onto furniture, put on a  coaster. This is in case of stains or spillages.
  • Repeat these steps every few days.
  • As the buds deteriorate clip them away to allow others to open.

Caring for your plant:

  • It is important to keep the compost moist.
  • Avoid over-watering, putting in direct sunlight and keeping near drafts.
  • To prolong flowering remove any faded flowers.
  • Feed plants fortnightly with liquid plant fertilizer during the spring and summer.
  • Protect non-hardy plants from frost.

Handle with care

  • Lily pollen can stain. Remove stamen from newly opened flowers carefully and try to avoid direct contact.
  • Top Tip - if you get pollen on your clothes do not rub this off! Use sellotape to remove the pollen. Simply place the sticky side on the stain and peel off.
  • Flowers are for display and not for eating or playing with. Keep them out of reach around children and animals.
  • It is best to keep your flowers on a protected surface.

If you follow all of the above, you can't go far wrong. They are generalised and some flowers or plants may have more specific instructions. If you ever have any questions or concerns we'll more than happy to deal with then. Call us at any time and we'll do our best to answer!!


Have a great day! 

Mother's Day Collection now available

Our Mother's Day collection has been launched and is on our website for you to see right now! Why now choose something for your Mum to thank her for being the person she is - click here to see the whole collection.

Post Valentine's

Thanks to everyone who ordered from us for delivery last weekend. It was a record Valentine's for us despite it being on a Saturday - industry predictions always forecast a 20% drop but we showed a near 30% increase. We sold well over 4,000 red roses plus a huge amount of other coloured roses and flowers. 

The picture above shows you one of the orders that we made - 364 red roses plus 1 white rose in the centre. An amazing arrangement and quite a job for our driver to carry up four flights of stairs on delivery! One lucky recipient! 


We're now heading towards the 8th March which is International Women's Day. Celebrated more in Europe over the years but becoming more popular here too. Take a look at their website if you'd like more information. 


That'll be followed the next weekend of course by UK Mother's Day. Time to recognise all the hard work, love, care, and attention given by Mums everywhere. We've set up a 10% discount code for you until the end of the month - just type in MD2015 at the checkout on our website

Valentine's roses

It's that time of year again - Love is in the air! We'll be delivering beautiful roses all over Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas, as well as one or two vans leaving nice and early for deliveries up as far as London.


We've been preparing for a while now. Our wholesalers and growers have had our advanced orders. It's always a challenge to estimate how many roses we may sell. Too many and you're in trouble, not enough and you're in trouble! Over the years we've become quite good at the numbers and are usually fairly acurate.


We buy 3 grades of red rose for the day, whereas normally we only have one. The best grade will be 80cm Red Naomi grown by Porta Nova - the best grower there is. Very high quality, long lasting, large headed roses. We'll also have a 60cm Red naomi available too. A dozen of these will cost £80 over the Valentine's period. Then we have Freedom from Colombia. A very good slightly brighter red long lasting rose which will sell at £45 per dozen. Finally we will have the 50cm Furiosa which will sell at £30 per dozen.


Number are limited on all roses, so order early - don't leave it late and be disappointed!

New iTunes and Google Play App Launched

We're really excited to be able to announce that our phone app is now live and ready for you to download from iTunes  - click here or the Google Play Store - click here or search for Flowers Unlimited in either app store on your phone.


You may be thinking 'Why should I download and have another app on my phone?' The best feature of this brand new application is our Loyalty Card. Register for the card to earn rewards and receive exclusive offers. 

Here's how it works


Download the app.

 Register for the loyalty card entering your name, email address, and a password by selecting the option from the home screen.

 Collect 10 points and you will receive a FREE £30 bouquet.

 Receive 1 point for every purchase over £15 - orders can be placed in store, on-line, on our mobile website, via the app, by phone.

 Receive 1 free point just for registering.

 Look out for special offers to gain extra points.

 When you've collected your points, contact us, we'll verify your number of points, and then we'll arrange your reward.


Special Offer Expiring February 15th

Register for the loyalty scheme before 15th February and receive 2 free points towards your 10 point target.


If you have any questions regarding the app or the Loyalty Card please contact us by the usual methods. 




Our Mystery Shopping Experience

If you have bought from us, you'll know that we try to provide quality in both flowers and the level of service and expertise. We've realised for a long time now that we need to constantly seek feedback from our customers regarding their experience of shopping with us. The main place where our reviews can be seen is on Trustpilot - if you are interested in looking at them click here We're open minded enough to know that we don't always get things right, and that there are plenty of things that we can learn.

With this in mind we asked Shopper Anonymous, the UK's leading mystery shopping company, to conduct some enquiries and shops, review us and then feedback their findings. I'm glad to say that we scored very highly - I'm sure you'd have expected that! We did learn some small things that can and will make a difference to the customer. We have committed to an ongoing program with them to mystery shop us every month in a variety of ways. You can be sure that we'll be looking to learn and improve all the time. 


The main point of writing all of the above is to assure you that we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience, whether it is in the shop face to face, over the phone, by email, or using our website.  


Spring Range Launched

Spring is here, one of our favourite seasons, lots of beautiful bright and cheerful colours along with very scented flowers, take a look at our whole Spring Collection here.

Festive Plants

During the holidays there are a number of festive plants and flowers around to celebrate Christmas. One of the most common is the Christmas wreath. You can find these hanging on doors and inside the house.

The tradition of the Christmas wreath dates back to hundreds of years ago. People would use the wreath during celebrations for the winter solstice. Evergreen is traditionally used as this stays green through the winter months. It is a sign of growth and that spring is to come. Within Christian traditions it is seen as a sign of eternity. The wreath has no beginning and no end. It is a welcoming sign in the holidays.

Mistletoe is another symbol of Christmas. Most people know mistletoe is famous for kissing. If you find yourself standing underneath mistletoe with someone the tradition is to share a Christmas kiss. It is a sign of love and friendship which is why people associate mistletoe with kissing. In the medieval times people believed that it would keep away evil spirts and so they would hang it around their homes. At the end of Christmas the mistletoe would be burnt.

Holly and Ivy are both used as decorations and were also used to celebrate the winter solstice. In Christianity holly represents the crown of thorns worn by Jesus, the red berries symbolise the blood that was spilled.

Another plant you will spot during the festive period is the poinsettia. This is used widely during Christmas time because of its large red and green foliage. It is known as ‘The Christmas Plant’. The shape of the plant is sometimes thought of as a symbol of the star of Bethlehem.

As beautiful as festive plants and flowers are they cannot stay up in our homes forever. There are 12 days of Christmas, starting from the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. The 5th of January is the last day of Christmas and so it is seen as bad luck to keep your Christmas plants up past this date.

Luckily the festive period is only just starting so we have plenty of time to admire all the beauty Christmas has to offer.

The Christmas Tree

It’s hard to believe that the Christmas tree hasn’t always been a tradition. The warm glow of the lights and glisten of tinsel is all part of the holidays. Christmas trees are big business and in Great Britain alone at least 8 million are consumed each year.

Our beloved Christmas trees only became popular in Britain and America around 1848.  Queen Victoria was pictured standing in front of one and with that the tree became popular. Windsor castle only had a tree because Prince Albert was German and Germany were first to adopt the tradition.

The German settlers in America did attempt to bring the tree over to the USA however it didn’t catch on. The Christmas tree was seen as a pagan symbol and so it wasn’t accepted to have this in your home. Funny to think that now in modern day America some of the most spectacular trees are on display at Christmas.

Once electricity was discovered our trees lit up. With this new technology we were able to have trees on display in town halls and light up our holidays for longer.

The natural tree is still more popular than the artificial one and so for every one we harvest another three are planted. The average Christmas tree is 15 years old when it’s standing in our living room so it’s vital we continue to replant these beautiful trees.

Whether you are picking a small or tall tree this year you now know some of its history. It hasn’t always bought us light and it hasn’t always been liked. However it has now become part of Christmas and this holiday would not be the same without it. When picking your tree this year you can take comfort knowing its sole purpose was to shine for you this Christmas. 


Our New Ecommerce Website is Now Live!

Our new ecommerce website is now live, order online anytime or if you prefer you can pick up the phone or come in and see us if you're local.

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